if you died, i'd.

My specialty is sticking my heart in places that it doesn't belong.
Monic. 20. I keep to myself, avoid the sun, and cancel plans with everyone.


PHOTOGRAPHY: Time Travel by Davis Ayer

Brilliantly exposed and projected vintage images on the naked human form.

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From aria-of-the-night-sky, with love:
Hello I am so sorry to bother you. I noticed you can make GIF's, and I doubt you take requests. But for Zhan Shen Mars, in the first episode when Ling is trying to get Han's attention and starts going "deedle deedle deede" and poking her, do you think you could gif it? ^^ I don't know how to do that.... If not, no bigie. Thank you!!

i made a photoset of the entire scene i don’t know if that’s like what you wanted :)

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"It’s me. I know you’re not alone right now, but I really need to talk. I’m supposed to let it go, but I can’t. They don’t get to win, not like this. When we came here, I thought it was finally over. No more running and hiding and lying. I really believed that the truth was going to free us, but now I’m trapped in an even bigger lie. The world doesn’t know that Amanda is alive, but I do, because Ryan believed in the truth. He died for the truth, and I can’t let that be for nothing. Going after her means breaking some promises I made, but I don’t see another way. I can’t trust the system, not with this. It’s failed me, all of us, too many times. Jones and his cronies, they need to pay. I want them to die with the whole world watching so everyone knows who they really are and what they’ve done. Taking them on, I can’t do it alone. I know it’s asking a lot, but I need you. I need your help one last time. We started this fight together, just you and me. A lot has happened since then, but I know that this is how it’s supposed to end. It’s time to finish what we started.

Magistrate, I love you.

“I’m a little shy. The idea of going up to a guy and initiating something makes me uncomfortable, but I’m trying to get better at it.”

I’m a little shy. The idea of going up to a guy and initiating something makes me uncomfortable, but I’m trying to get better at it.”

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mars request sitting in my askbox. i’ve been so busy. will work on it this weekend. promise.

Viktor Shklovsky, from Zoo, or Letters Not About Love (via ahuntersheart)
So I write another letter.
I love you very much. You are the city I live in; you are the name of the month and the day. I float, salty and heavy with tears, barely keeping my head above water. I seem to be sinking, but even there, underwater-where the phone doesn’t ring and rumors don’t reach, where it is impossible to meet you-I will go on loving you.
I love you, yet you force me to hang onto the running boards of your life. My hands are freezing. I’m not jealous of people: I’m jealous of your time. It is impossible not to see you.
So what can I do when there is no substitute for love? You know nothing about the weight of all things. ❞

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