if you died, i'd.

My specialty is sticking my heart in places that it doesn't belong.
Monic. 20. I keep to myself, avoid the sun, and cancel plans with everyone.

so i’m rereading my old blog posts (what kind of narcissistic asshole does that really but the kind that’s me) and realised that i got a lot of wonderful comments on my personal posts that i haven’t replied to. i know i have a lot of followers who are amazing beautiful people and if you ever feel like sometimes i’m ignoring you, don’t. i suck at getting in touch. i suck at getting in touch in real life, even more so online. i have a lot of friends here on tumblr that i’ve drifted away from and i regret that but i can’t seem to find the energy to talk these days. i guess i just wanted to say

hi, sorry i haven’t gotten back to you.

so it’s that time of year where i deactivate my facebook. this is major self-preservation right here. whenever i go on facebook, i feel instantly bad. i see people i used to be friends with, i see my friends being friends with other people (and that makes me feel bad! god, i am a horrible person!), i see other people who have time and money to spare traveling and just generally having a much better life than i have. i’ve been tempted to log on a few times this week but whenever i think about how terrible it used to make me feel, i prevail and stop myself. just now i thought i’d only open facebook when i’m absolutely sure nothing can ruin my day. and that day just hasn’t happened yet.

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