if you died, i'd.

My specialty is sticking my heart in places that it doesn't belong.
Monic. 20. I keep to myself, avoid the sun, and cancel plans with everyone.

You useless pillbug!

zenkai girl     aragaki yui     nishikido ryo     capspam     ugh their dynamic is so interesting     so we have wakaba whose formative years have been spent faced in what seemed like all the bad things in the world     i wasn't even surprised she would think sota robbed him when he took her home in episode 2     and started checking if she lost any of her important stuff and money etc     because she grew up thinking people were horrible and you had to look out for yourself because they'll turn on you if you don't     then we have this lost puppy who sees the good in everyone and always trying to understand them and their motives     even though he has already been taken advantage of by a lot of people     she hates that about him because he reminds her of his dad and she probably thinks he's weak     but i'm not sure i haven't watched far enough to be certain about that yet     god nobody spoil me i usually don't mind spoilers but this time if i get spoiled i'll cut someone     one thing i love about this series is that they manage to give us glimpses of the character's background without showing us the whole thing     but we understand what happened anyway     it's so amazing how both of these two have experienced terrible things in the past     yet they reacted SO differently to it (so very differently) and they've molded themselves around those perception     they have a lot more in common than they thought     i am crying     what has my life become     i don't even know anymore     i give up     i quit     i just have a lot of feelings     drama things     

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