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From dreamalley, with love:
Which drama(s) disappointed you the most? And which ones were surprisingly good (you started them with low expectations but ended up loving them)?
  1. my princess ugh!!!! i am so mad about this because it started out with a really strong plot and then just wavered in the middle i don’t even understand it’s like a drama trying to finish itself off, like it’s confused, it doesn’t know if it wants to go political but there’s so much facts and too few episodes or explore the tragic story of a lost prince and how another man was the cause of his death but we’re given bits and pieces and it’s up to us how to interpret it that is so poorly executed. sympathy for the lost prince? i don’t know him. for lee seol? for hae young’s dad? for his grandfather? what where why how? make up your fucking mind.

    hae young is a controlling asshole and wow kidnap the princess, am i doing it for her sake or for mine? jesus there’s only so much bickering i can take. lee seol and hae young you guys are 20-something people at least act like it sometimes.

    and then we have the most useless antagonist ever like she doesn’t have any motivation she is just evil because a drama needs one and all her reasons don’t make sense, wow blame lee seol for everything hae young’s grandfather’s dead it’s lee seol’s fault!!!! i hate lee seol because of daddy issues!!!!! hate lee seol because boyfriend issues!!!!!! girl, stop and get a hobby

    sorry i got carried away

  2. zettai kareshi because of stupid reasons like you’d choose the robot wow wow wow

  3. arang and the magistrate because what? arang is the cause of her death and the entire drama we were all so intrigued and terrified of sato’s mom and her death is like the most anticlimactic thing ever and reincarnation trope and joo wal being a reaper and i don’t know??? confused. just NO

  4. i can’t think of more because normally if a drama start to disappoint me i just drop them halfway

  1. shut up! flower boy band because really, i just watched because of pretty boys not friendship!!! idiot decisions!!! lee hyun jae’s everything! friendship!!!!!!! NO!!!!

  2. haha kimi because this is just a drama about stupid high school boys but it’s 100% super great because boarding school!!! everything is ten times better if boarding school!! nakatsu and shirota yuu’s idiot face

  3. sorry i can’t think of anything else i am in an unstable emotional state right now!!!!!
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